From the time we are children, we suffer traumas of all types. These traumas can cause fragments of our essence to break away from our bodies, and in turn to exist outside of ourselves, in what is known as non-ordinary reality.

A 'fragmented' soul can suffer pain from feeling less than whole. It can manifest as having low self-esteem issues, addictions, fears, angers, lack of creativity, and joyless relationships with others and to ourselves.  Western shamanistic techniques provide healing for these conditions. 

As a modern day shaman I will travel into the Spirit world, where I will be shown your fragmented part or parts; either in a scene from your past trauma or as the energy your original essence has taken form as. Through this ancient knowledge I will integrate your fragmented part or parts back into yourSelf. This is known as a 'soul retrieval', the result of which will manifest differently for each person, but which may and usually feels like a wholeness has been restored. 

This work can be done in person or remotely.