My son was born prematurely and with many complications. He has thrived given his birth history, but continued to have breathing trouble at night despite his progress. Janice was able to remotely visit him at night, remove the barriers that were limiting his growth and airway and help him achieve his best sleep. This was just the work he needed to overcome a health obstacle that nothing else seemed to solve. He now sleeps through the night and wakes up rested most mornings!  

Dina W.

My name is Carolyn and I live in Michigan.  I feel so blessed to have had Janice enter my life.  Though I've not had the opportunity to meet her in person, she has provided significant healings for both me and my six-year old son.  For me, Janice did a soul retrieval and an extraction that I believe healed me in ways that nothing else could.  I take such comfort in knowing that I can relive the amazing feelings of completeness and being protected by something much bigger than me when I focus on allowing my body to enter that space.  For my son, Janice did an extraction while he slept that I know I will remember as a pivotal healing point in our lives. My son was suffering from great stress that I believe comes from his empathetic ways.  He was feeling the pain of people in his life and didn't know how to handle it.  Janice cleared his body of the negative forces and also gave me suggestions on how to keep my son's soul healthy and protected. These were simple suggestions that were immediately effective.  The happiness on his face while drinking his water from a blue goblet, as suggested from Janice, is heartwarming and unforgettable.  The relief in having my son return to his former easy-going personality is inexplicable.  I am so glad that I contacted a spiritual healer to help with what I knew was a spiritual situation.  I would be more than happy to discuss my experiences with Janice's healings for me and for my son with anyone having questions. May all beings be peaceful and happy.


Janice has worked on my son at different stages of his child, adolescent and young adult life. Her attention, ability and true gift to attune, see and heal is remarkable. Her directness in always reaching for the “whole”, translates in how she communicates back to me with her observations and healing process. The fact that she is able to do this work remotely is so beneficial. She has been available to work with me throughout my life challenges , curveballs and crises. She also helped me and a number of my chosen family members when our mothers were transitioning. I wholeheartedly recommend and believe in her work!

Nadia C.