"Exceptional insight and deep compassion are the markers of a healer, in this sense Janice Zwail is a true healer; my personal experience with her work has been one of profound release from a long held wound, the release of which was entrusted to one of true authenticity such as Janice”. 
Nadiya Nottingham

“I’ve been helped by Shamanic practices and other spiritual healings over the years, like to travel with others of “platinum standards,” and count Janice Zwail to be among the most trusted, selfless, clear and authentic. Her healing is gentle yet thorough, showing what a true facilitator of Spirit looks and feels like. Janice also does a mean tap dance and I’ve seen Maasai men of Tanzania go gaga for her. I gladly refer her to my patients, family and friends and encourage you to have a healing with her”. 
Dr. Sheilagh Weymouth

"I met Janice at one of the darkest moments of my life, I was suffering from extreme physcological pain that was coming from what I have come to know as a soul sickness, alongside some paronormal happinings. 
I had been to many people in sheer despairation, at times actually begging for help,I was living from one day to the next with intense anxiety and fear that I could find no relief from, it was like walking a tight rope between sanity and insanity on a daily basis. When I started to get answers and a better knowledge of the condition that I was really suffering from, I was directed to contact Janice as someone who could help with the healing process. I have been walking on this beautiful but sometimes brutal spiritual path for twelve years and in that time I have met many healers and teachers, read many books,been to many workshops, but I have to say that Janice is someone i knew could help me from our first conversation, that first time I heard that unique high pitched love filled voice, I believe my healing process was under way. I placed myself under the tutelege of Janice and let go so she could preform her very intense powerful work which showed up through Shamanice cermonies, and very accurate counsel and support on days when I didnt think I could keep going. Janice preformed multiple soul retrivals and extractions on me, which is an experience in itself, I worked closely with her over a period of time in which my hope was strengthened until I could really see the transformative results. One has to really believe in the work for it to really take hold. Janice is a very powerful Shaman and Healer amongst many other things, she has a radiant energy that invigorates me everytime I step into her presence coupled with a kindness and strength, with a desire to help her fellow traveller. I have witnessed Janice be a channel for some pretty unbeliavable stuff. Janice has been a life changing experince for me." 
Love Adrian